IntelliBrite 5G LED Color Pool Light

Design your own light show for a pool party, or impress your significant other by creating a romantic ambience in your pool with the IntelliBrite 5G LED Color Pool Light.

The IntelliBrite 5G LED Color Pool Light features 5 solid colors and 7 pre-programmed light shows, and is brighter than incandescent lights. The IntelliBrite 5G LED Color Pool Light uses only 70 watts of energy to achieve the  same light output as a 500 watt incandescent light bulb saving you up to 86% on energy costs.

The IntelliBrite 5G LED Color Pool Light features a custom reflector, unbreakable lens, safe stainless steel housing, and a decorative trim ring. The IntelliBrite 5G LED Color Pool Light installs easily with a single screw and fits most light niches.


  • Energy efficient- saves up to 86% on energy costs
  • Uses less energy than other LED lights
  • Extended service life with no internal filament to wear out
  • 5 Fixed colors-Blue, Green, Magenta, White, and Red
  • 7 pre-programmed light shows
  • Custom reflector and lens
  • Fits most light niches
  • Available in 12V and 120V
  • Includes a 50’ cord
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
    IntelliBrite Controller For Color LED IntelliBrite Lights
    Manuf#: 600054
    $249.99 Qty.



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    The IntelliBrite Controller makes it easy to access your pool and landscape lighting and synchronizes IntelliBrite pool, spa and landscape lights so you can create your own light shows conveniently.

    The wall mountable IntelliBrite Controller is easy to install and allows you to switch to your favorite color modes conveniently.

    The IntelliBrite Controller features waterproof housing, illuminated power button, and Hold and Recall function to lock on a favorite color and return to that color instantly with the press of a button. The IntelliBrite Controller mounts on the wall for ease of installation, and fits 22.5 cubic inch single gang box or larger.


    • Create unique light shows
    • Easily access 12 color modes
    • Illuminated power button
    • Weatherproof housing
    • Wall mountable
    • 1 Year manufacturers warranty

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