IntelliChlor Salt Chlorinator

Pentair IntelliChlor IC20 Salt-Chlorine Generator is designed for smaller pools with water capacity of up to 20,000 gallons and is a great alternative to liquid chlorine, tablets, and sticks.

The Pentair IntelliChlor IC20 uses an electorate cell to turn ordinary salt into chlorine so your pool water can be safe and healthy, and produces up to 0.70 pounds of chlorine every 24 hours. Pentair IntelliChlor Salt-Chlorine Generators  sanitize your pool or spa water without the harmful effects of harsh liquid chlorine, as well as eliminating the harsh odor, stinging eyes, irritated skin and bleached-out swimsuits.

The Pentair IntelliChlor IC20 Salt-Chlorine Generator has full diagnostic capabilities, including cell life tracking that communicates remaining hours of cell life in real-time, and it captures all performance data daily (production settings, hours of operation, chlorine output, cell cleaning cycles, salt readings, and water temperature averages.)

The Pentair IntelliChlor IC20 Salt-Chlorine Generator features Ruthenium oxide coated titanium electrode cell blades; control electronics that are isolated in the cell; waterproof electronics; relaible UL Listed power supply/transformer; and includes 15' of UL Listed cable.

    Pentair IntelliChlor Salt Chlorinator IC40-40K-E2752
    Manuf#: E2752
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    Pentair IntelliChlor Salt Chlorinator IC20-20K-E2750
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    • Full diagnostic capabilities
    • Push-button operation
    • Easy-to-read display
    • Automatic shut-off
    • On-time cycling to prevent calcium and scale build-up
    • Union inlet and outlet connections
    • IntelliChlor IC20 Cell
    • Certified to UL 1081 standard
    • NSF approved
    • Two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

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