Intermatic Seasonal Timer

The Intermatic Seasonal Timer is an ideal accessory that helps you save time and money by reducing pump run time based on season.

The Intermatic Seasonal Timer automatically operates the filter pump longer during the high-use summer time and reduces run times during cooler winter months. The Intermatic Seasonal Timer features a two-speed control that enables separate daily schedules; on-screen set-up for ease of use; automatic voltage adjustment for 120V or 230V; and works with 1 or 2 speed pumps.


Intermatic Seasonal Timer
Manufacturer#: PE103
Item#: E2422



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    • Runs pump longer in summer and shorter in winter
    • Full two-speed control Additional circuit for auxiliary equipment
    • On-screen setup for programming
    • Automatic  voltage adjust-120V or 230V
    • Efficient low speed operation for all seasons
    • User-programmable high-speed event
    • 4-SPST  Switch
    • Clock Supply VAC 50 60 Hz: 120-240
    • 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty


    Trouble Shooting


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