Intex Easy Set Above Ground Swimming Pool - 18'x48"

Have your family swimming and enjoying pool fun in no time!

The Intex Easy Set above ground pool is a great choice for an easy, affordable pool for your whole family! Most Intex Easy Set swimming pools are ready to be filled with water in 30 minutes or less and you may even be swimming on the same day.

Super-Tough sidewalls are triple strong. Liner supported by inflatable top ring - pool goes up by itself when filled with water. Convenient drain plug for easy draining. Connects to garden hose for easy drainage away from pool area.

Intex Easy Set Above Ground Swimming Pool - 18'x48"
Manufacturer#: 56928EG
Item#: B3498
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No sand needed to support these walls. Steel wall pools require 600-2,000 lbs of sand beneath them. Just select a level surface, spread out the pool, inflate the top ring and drop in a garden hose! Pool walls rise with the water level. Attach the pool pump to your Easy Set above ground pool and plug into any grounded electrical outlet. Adding an aboveground pool to your home has never been easier!


  • Deluxe maintenance kit
    • Wall Mount Surface Skimmer
    • Vacuum that uses filter suction, just like in ground pools
    • 110" telescoping aluminum shaft with deep skimmer net
  • Filter pump
  • Pool Ladder
  • Ground cloth
  • Pool cover
  • Instructional DVD
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