Intex Filter Pump & Salt System

It is easier than ever for Intex pool owners to have crystal clear and clean water with this innovative Intex Filter Pump & Salt System. Comprising of high quality components, the Intex Filter Pump & Salt System is essentially an all-in-one maintenance system that eliminates the use of nasty chemicals and makes pool maintenance a breeze.

The Intex Filter Pump & Salt System features digital controls, weatherproof housing, self-cleaning cell, unionized hoses for easy disconnect, and a 24-hour timer for automatic operation. Bring home the Intex Filter Pump & Salt System and see how a little salt is converted to pure chlorine to provide sparkling clean, healthy water.


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Intex Filter Pump & Salt System
Manufacturer#: 28671EG
Item#: B3570
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  • Weather-proof housing and controller
  • Chlorine output: 5 Grams/Hour
  • Pump rate: 1,200 GPH
  • System Flow Rate: 1,050 GPH
  • 110-120V with GFCI protection
  • Self-cleaning cell
  • All digital controls
  • Includes unions with hoses
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
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