Intex Large 10 Inch Inflatable Arm Bands

If you have an adventurer wading into the water, but is not a good swimmer, try equipping him or her with the Large Arm Bands. These arm bands give you peace of mind, while providing your child with the freedom to splash, kick and paddle - all while staying buoyant.

These "water wings" are constructed of sturdy, pre-tested vinyl, so they are "kid tough." Use only under adult supervision. Will not protect against drowning.

Intex Large Arm Bands are made of flexible 8-gauge vinyl and measure 12" x 6". Intex Large Arm Bands feature two inflatable air chambers and flat inside bands for free arm movement. Recommended for children ages 6-12.

Intex Large 10 Inch Inflatable Arm Bands
Manufacturer#: 59642
Item#: T9892
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