Jacks Magic - The Magenta Stuff٠-32oz.

The Magenta Stuff represents a breakthrough in swimming pool stain prevention. Highly effective in all pools systems, this multi-purpose sequestering product has been formulated to prevent and help remove metallic stains and scale in swimming pools by allowing for the filtering of metallic contaminants out of the water.

This fast-acting product helps fight stains and scale and is long-lasting to help protect all pool finishes from staining and scaling. The Magenta Stuff™ works well with all sanitizers systems (including salt chlorine generators - it will help prevent scaling of cells, clean cells, and helps prolong cell life!)

Jacks Magic - The Magenta Stuff٠-32oz.
Manufacturer#: JMMAGENTA032
Item#: Y3292



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    The Magenta Stuff's advanced formula works well in areas where copper or high sanitizer levels are a common water concern. The Magenta Stuff contains Phos-Stop Plus so in addition to not yielding any phosphates, it actually helps to reduce the level of phosphates that may already exist in the swimming pool water.

    • Directions
    • » 1 quart treats 15,000 gallons
    • » Follow manufacturer directions specifically
    • Benefits
    • • Works with all sanitizer systems (including salt)
    • • Reduces phosphate levels

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