Jack's Magic - The Yellow Stuff٠- 2lbs.

Jack's Magic - The Yellow Stuff٠- 2lbs.

The Yellow Stuff™ quickly eliminates all types of algae breakouts, and is also a highly effective algae preventative. The Yellow Stuff™ is safe for all pool finishes and works with all major pool sanitizing systems. Swimming can resume in a few hours. Sodium Bromide formula makes quick work of Yellow, Green or Blue-Green algae.


  •  Add with Shock Chlorine to create a super algae knock-out!
  •  Follow manufacturer directions specifically


  • Jack's Magic Yellow Stuff™ beats Mustard Master or Yellow Out
  • 98% Sodium Bromide! Other formulas have only 88%
  • Works on yellow, green or blue-green algae
  • Safe for all pool finishes

  Read the Material Safety Data Sheet

Jack's Magic - The Yellow Stuff٠- 2lbs.
Manufacturer#: JMYELLOW2
Item#: Y3294
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