Jandy Conversion Kit - Aqualink Ji Versions, Rs4/6 to Rs8

7092 is Used To Upgrade Aqualink JI2000, JI4000, JI8000, JI600, JI650, JI1000, JI1500, And Aqualink RS4 & RS6to Convert to AqualinkRS8(Pool/Spa Combo)Move up to AquaLink RS power with Jandy Conversion Kits. Simply convert old AquaLink, Ji Series or Compool control systems to an attractively styled, sleek and compact AquaLink RS OneTouch system.Converting is simple and easy ” no household rewiring is required. Existing power center, wire cables and valve actuators do not need to be replaced.Take advantage of the simpler, intuitive programming of the AquaLink RS system and give Jandy Ji Series and AquaLink Power Centers the power and flexibility of state-of-the-art AquaLink RS digital technology.Conversion Kits include the following: indoor OneTouch Control Panel, Power Center Bezel with Printed Circuit Board, Water Temperature Sensor and Wall Plate Adapter.
Jandy Conversion Kit - Aqualink Ji Versions, Rs4/6 to Rs8
Manufacturer#: 7092
Item#: ZZOD5221
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