Jandy Legacy LRZM Commercial ASME Propane Heater

Jandy Legacy Millivolt LRZ swimming pool and spa heaters by Zodiac are well known for their top-notch performance and reliability.

Legacy pool heaters come equipped with many advanced features while staying very user friendly. Even with all these great features Legacy heaters from Jandy are one of the most economical and energy efficient ways to heat your swimming pool.

Jandy Legacy LRZM Commercial ASME Propane Heater
Manufacturer#: LRZ125MPC
Item#: E5646A
Now $1,790.99 was $1,989.99



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    Legacy Millivolt LRZ heaters feature lightweight polymer headers, universal union connections for up to 2 ½ inch PVC and Jandy's exclusive copper-finned heat exchanger. This lighter design allows for the water, gas and electrical connections to be made on either side of the heater, making it ideal for both new or replacement applications. The feature rich control panel with user friendly backlit display and simplified menu along with the electronic ignition make the LRZ one of the easiest swimming pool and spa heaters to use.

    • Copper heat exchanger and Flo-Thru baffles provide efficient heat transfer and lower the amount of energy needed to heat your pool.
    • Ceramic fiber combustion chamber for lightweight, compact design.
    • Easy on/off temperature switch control
    • Mechanical thermostat allows users to easily set pool or spa temperatures
    • Polymer headers with CPVC 2/2.5" universal union connections
    • 110v/220v.
    • One Year Limited Warranty, see Owner's Manual for details

    NOTE: These heaters are for residential use only.


    If you are purchasing a gas heater to install indoors - Be sure to include a Draft Hood with your order.

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    Jandy Legacy Millivolt Pool Heater Dimensions

    Jandy Legacy Millivolt Pool Heater Dimensions
    Jandy Legacy™ Millivolt Pool Heater Dimensions
    Item No. Input BTU. Width (Dimension "A") Vent Diameter "H" U.S. Outdoor Stack "H" U.S. Indoor Stack Weight



    15 1/8" (38 cm)

    6" (15 cm)

    18" (46cm)

    24 1/8" (61cm)

    145 lbs (66 kg)



    18 1/8" (40 cm)

    6" (15 cm)

    18" (46cm)

    24 1/8" (61cm)

    157 lbs (71 kg)



    22 3/4" (58 cm)

    7" (18 cm)

    18 1/4" (47cm)

    25 1/4" (64cm)

    174 lbs (79 kg)



    26 7/8" (68 cm)

    8" (20 cm)

    18 7/8" (48cm)

    26 1/2"(67cm)

    207 lbs (94 kg)



    32 3/8" (82 cm)

    9" (23 cm)

    21 1/2" (55cm)

    27 1/2" (70cm)

    231 lbs (105 kg)


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