Jandy SFTM Series Sand Filter

Jandy sand filters offer a high quality, user friendly operation you can rely on, with performance technology that never gets old.

The Top Mount Sand Filter for in-ground and above ground pools has a superior internal design consisting of a deep high-capacity sand bed for efficient operation and an Upper Distribution System that produces exceptional water flow.

It features a UV and corrosion resistant thermoplastic tank, a sand and water drain, automatic internal air relief, quick-connect unions and a comprehensive 7-position multi port valve.


Jandy SFTM Series Sand Filter
Manufacturer#: SFTM22
Item#: E4300



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    • Deep high-capacity sand bed carries more debris and extends filter cycles.
    • Blow-molded tank is corrosion and UV-resistant.
    • Bottom drain for winterizing and draining.
    • Available in 22.5" (572 mm).
    • Upper Distribution System integrated into the dial valve and engineered to direct water evenly across the entire surface of the sand. Up to 25 gpm/sq.ft (61 m³/h per m²) without sand migration or channeling.
    • Non-Corrosive Resin Clamp allows 360° rotation of the dial valve for simple installation alignment and service of dial valve and filter components.
    • Heavy-duty, freeze-resistant under-drain with “snap-fit” side-slotted laterals draws water evenly across the full diameter of the sand bed for higher flows, better filtration, longer cycles and more efficient backwashing.
    • 7-Way Dial Valve with “sight glass”, automatic air relief, and pressure gauge.
    • 1 Year Warranty




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    Jandy SFTM Series Filter Dimensions and Head Loss Curves

    Jandy SFTM Series Filter Dimensions and Head Loss Curves


    Model No. Dimensions Max Flow Rate gpm
    EU/sq. ft. (m3h/m2)
    Filtration Rate
    gpm (I/min)
    Sand Required
    Weight lbs (kilo)
    Pressure PSI
    A B C D E


    30 3/4”

    33 1/4”

    37 1/2”

    22 1/2”

    11 1/2”

    25,0 (60)

    66 (250)

    250 (215)



    Trouble Shooting


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