Jandy WaterColors Large LED Stainless Steel Light

Jandy WaterColors Large LED Stainless Steel Light

WaterColors LED energy-efficient pool and spa lights provide beautiful, bright colors for your pool and spa with minimal power usage. Utilizing Color Kinetics® technology, our eco-friendly LED lights saturate your pool and spa with three dazzling, primary colors; Cobalt Blue, Magenta, and Emerald Green, as well as six blended watercolors like Caribbean Blue and Violet. Jandy WaterColors LED pool lights also come with five color shows to choose from such as festive "Fat Tuesday" or "America the Beautiful". Whether swimming or just lighting up the night, you'll enjoy an endless display of stunning, vibrant color.

    Jandy WaterColors Large LED Stainless Steel Bezel Light - 120V 100'
    Manuf#: CPHVLEDS100
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    Jandy WaterColors Large LED Stainless Steel Bezel Light - 120V 250'
    Manuf#: CPHVLEDS250
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    Jandy Water Colors- Color Your World

    • Color Kinetics patented technology for smooth color transitions
    • Cycle through 9 brilliant colors and 5 festive color shows, or lock on a favorite color
    • Less than 50 watts of power required to run lights saves energy, lowering lighting costs by as much as 70%
    • Provides over 50,000 hours of light
    • Convenient, intelligent control with the AquaLink RS System
    • Unique lens design provides smooth, even light dispersion
    • ETL approved to fit into most manufacturer's niches
    • 12 volt and 120- volt models available in 30 - 250 foot cable lengths
    • Standard 3-wire design installs into any new or existing pool or spa niche
    • Color Kinetics® is a registered trademark of Color Kinetics Incorporated.
    • Stainless steel housing for corrosion-free performance
    • Microprocessor blended colors for smooth transitions and no moving parts
    • Controlled by a single light switch or seamlessly interfaces with Jandy controls Smart Color Control

    A Palette of Colors For Your Backyard Paradise

    Discover what the addition of color can do for yourbackyard with WaterColors LED color pool andspa lights. So much more than just a white light,WaterColors bring bright, vibrant color to your pooland spa, illuminating and beautifying your backyardwhile entertaining your family and dazzling yourguests. Add a whole new dimension to your pooland spa that can only be achieved with coloredlights - illuminate the evening and set the moodwith WaterColors pool and spa lights.

    Bright and Vibrant Colors

    Create the dramatic splash you're looking for with Jandy's WaterColor LED lights. LED pool and spa lights offer vibrant lighting in nine brilliant colors and five festive color shows. Select one or transition through each for a color show sure to brighten your night.

    Energy Efficient Lighting

    With less than 50 watts of power, LEDlights will reduce your energy expensesdramatically, by up to 70%, whileproviding more than 50,000 hours oflighting. Replacing bulbs is now a thingof the past!

    Transform Your Backyard

    Colored lights transform yourbackyard landscape into an incredibleoasis. The blues will remind youof the deep rich colors of theCaribbean, greens will transport youto the lush jungles of the tropics.

    Advanced Control with Aqualink® RS

    Take matters into your own hands and select your favorite colors with the exclusive control of the AquaLink® RS Control System which automates most brand LED lights. Easily choose the exact color mode you desire, or set to automatically transition through color modes for a dramatic light show.

    Add The Finishing Touch to Your Pool & Spa

    WaterColors LED Color Pool and Spa Lights bring a palette of colors to your backyard paradise. The addition of pool and spa color will dramatically change the look and feel of any backyard landscape, evoking memories of far-off beaches or lush tropical islands.

    Carefree Design

    Utilizing the latest technology,WaterColors provide advanced, LED colortransitions without internal moving parts,motors that can wear out, or bulbs tochange! The standard 3-wire design easilyinstalls into any new or existing pool or spaniche. WaterColors light has a longer bulb life than other light brands with upto 50,000 hours of full spectrum color.

    One Touch Convenience

    Conveniently operated with a touch of abutton, WaterColors lights are easily controlledvia a light switch or your AquaLink® RS orPDA system. From the indoor control panelyou can synchronize your pool and spa lightsto create the perfect mood by choosing anycolor you desire. Can't decide? Let the Jandy®WaterColors seamlessly transition through theSlow Color Splash, bringing continuous, changing color to any evening.Experience what the addition of colored light can doto your backyard paradise. Color your world withJandy® WaterColors.

    Underwater LED lights for pools and spas. Jandy WaterColors offer energy efficiency in an ultra-slim profile and simple installation. WaterColors are ETL approved to fit into some existing pool and spa niches as well as Jandy ProNiches.




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