Jumbo doggydocks® Portable Floating Ramp For Dogs

Jumbo doggydocks work the same way as the original doggydocks except it includes (2) 9" Polyform® buoys and rope. The angle of the doggydocks® is maintained in a fixed position by adjusting the length of rope attached to each buoy. Jumbo doggydocks® is great for multi-dog families or older arthritic dogs that move slower.

Note: Clean with mild soap and water. Algae and organic matter can add weight to the unit. We recommend cleaning at least twice a year. Although doggydocksT is made with all marine quality materials, you can extend the life of the product by taking it out of the water when not being used. Let dry completely before storing.

Jumbo doggydocks® Portable Floating Ramp For Dogs
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