Just Soft Spa Water Moisturizer - 9 oz.

Captivating and refreshing fragrances sure are pleasant but can cause skin irritation. Skin sensitive to fragrances still deserves pampering but needs to be treated differently. Insparations has understood this dilemma and has formulated a totally fragrance free water moisturizer that is safe for even the most sensitive skins.

This rich moisturizer soothes and conditions your skin making it feel silky smooth without irritating it. Just Soft is pure and gentle like water itself and is alcohol free and non-foaming. Just Soft is safe for all spa and hot tub surfaces and does not affect water chemistry. Just Soft's unique formula is water soluble and is compatible with all spa fragrances and aromatherapy crystals.

Just Soft Spa Water Moisturizer - 9 oz.
Item#: Y5025
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