Laars Compression Ring W/Gasket, I/O Hdr (2) - R0327400

Item No.10 Image Shown AboveR0327400 Compression Rings w/ Gaskets Used on Teledyne Laars / Jandy Pool HeatersTeledyne Laars is a common name in pool heater parts. A schematic diagram of heater parts, Jandy pool heater parts, Teledyne Laars heater parts and spares (spare heater parts) are listed. Always low prices and fast shipping. Discount Teledyne Laars / Jandy swimming pool heater parts and other swimming pool heater parts are always in stock and available.Back To Teledyne Laars / Jandy LX-250 / LX400 Heater Parts Page 2PLEASE NOTE: SOME ELECTRONIC POOL HEATER PARTS ARE NON-RETURNABLE, PLEASE CONSULT OUR RETURNS PAGE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON RETURNING PRODUCTS .
Laars Compression Ring W/Gasket, I/O Hdr (2) - R0327400
Manufacturer#: R0327400
Item#: ZZOD5663
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