Leak Locating Dye

These convenient syringe style dye testers are charged with a special concentrated pool dye that holds together underwater. Six inch plastic "needle" allows for precise dye placement without creating unwanted currents.

Florescent Yellow Dye is for leak detection in dark colored pools.

Blue Dye is for leak detection in light colored pools.

Works on plaster as well as vinyl and painted pools.

Use dye testers to help:

  • Identify the precise location of structural pool leaks
  • Identify water movement into or out of pipes
Pre-Filled Dye Tester - Blue
Manuf#: DT601
Item#: A9206
Pre-Filled Dye Tester - Fluorescent
Manuf#: FT601
Item#: A9208
8oz. Refill Dye - Blue
Manuf#: LD601
Item#: A9212
8oz. Refill Dye - Fluorescent
Manuf#: FD601
Item#: A9214

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Our Pool Dye Test Syringes can be used around:

  • Skimmers & Wall Fittings
  • Underwater Lights
  • Tile Line
  • Suspected holes in vinyl liners or cracks in plastered pools


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