Leisure Time 1 Lbs. Sodium Bromide

Leisure Time Sodium Bromide is NOT a disinfectant. It is used during start-up to build up a a reserve of bromide in the spa or hot tub water. You must use a sanitizer to disinfect the water. Use this sodium bromide with Leisure Time Brominating Tablets and your spa disinfection will be entirely bromine based. Say goodbye to the smell of chlorine!

For Spa Start-up:

  1. Add 1/2-ounce per 100 gallons of spa water to establish a 30 ppm bromide reserve.
  2. Add Brom Tabs to establish a bromine level.
  3. Repeat every time the spa is drained and refilled .

Leisure Time 1 Lbs. Sodium Bromide
Manufacturer#: Y5064
Item#: Y5064
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