Leisure Time Calcium Booster - 1 Qt.

Leisure Time Calcium Booster - 1 Qt.

Low spa water calcium levels (soft water) can cause several problems in your hot tub. Soft water can cause foaming as well as equipment corrosion. Take control of your water hardness with Leisure Time Calcium Booster. Calcium Booster is a convenient liquid calcium increaser that raises the hardness of your spa water.

Proper water hardness level is 150-400 ppm. One ounce of Calcium Booster raises hardness 7 ppm in 500 gallons of water. Maintaining proper calcium levels in you hot tub will prolong the life of your equipment.


  • Increases spa water hardness & hot tub water hardness to prevent corrosion.
  • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone and biguanide sanitizers.

Leisure Time Calcium Booster - 1 Qt.
Manufacturer#: CB
Item#: Y5106
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