Leisure Time Chemicals - Biguanide Spa Start-up and Maintenance Kit

Leisure Time's best-selling spa kit contains all the essential products needed for spa start-up and regular maintenance. Take the guess work out of figuring out what chemicals to use and start enjoying your spa! Chlorine and Bromine free! This kit uses Biguanide - an easier to use chemical that takes less fussing around with levels and is less agitating to sensitive skin. Biguanide also lowers water surface tension giving the water a "smoother" feeling. Biguanide doesn't break down due to sunlight, temperature, or pH levels!

Includes 10 different spa chemicals, spa cover wipes, and test strips, and aroma therapy spa fragrance.

    Leisure Time Test Strips for Free Sanitizing System - 50 Count
    $14.99 Qty.
    Leisure Time Free - Biguanide Spa Care Kit
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    • Includes video start-up and maintenance guide
    • Comes with measuring scoop.
    • Includes Spa Care Cards.
    • Gentle on eyes, hair and skin, (great for sensitive skin!)
    • Virtually odor-free
    • Features a Biguanide-based sanitizer

    Always allow product to circulate in water for 15 minutes with jets on prior to adding another product.


    • Bright & Clear -- Safe for Ozone - Does not cause build-up!
    • Enzyme
    • Foam Down
    • Spa Up
    • Spa Down
    • Defender
    • Fast Gloss
    • Spa & Hot Tub Test Strips
    • EsScents® in-spa fragrances - aroma therapy
    • Cover Wipes
    • Leisure Time Free® chlorine-free sanitizer
    • Boost
    • Control

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