Leisure Time Chemicals - Biguanide Spa Start-up and Maintenance Kit

Leisure Time's best-selling spa kit contains all the essential products needed for spa start-up and regular maintenance. Take the guess work out of figuring out what chemicals to use and start enjoying your spa! Chlorine and Bromine free! This kit uses Biguanide - an easier to use chemical that takes less fussing around with levels and is less agitating to sensitive skin. Biguanide also lowers water surface tension giving the water a "smoother" feeling. Biguanide doesn't break down due to sunlight, temperature, or pH levels!

Includes 10 different spa chemicals, spa cover wipes, and test strips, and aroma therapy spa fragrance.

Leisure Time Free - Biguanide Spa Care Kit
Item#: Y5062
No Longer Available
Leisure Time Test Strips for Free Sanitizing System - 50 Count
Item#: Y5060

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  • Includes video start-up and maintenance guide
  • Comes with measuring scoop.
  • Includes Spa Care Cards.
  • Gentle on eyes, hair and skin, (great for sensitive skin!)
  • Virtually odor-free
  • Features a Biguanide-based sanitizer

Always allow product to circulate in water for 15 minutes with jets on prior to adding another product.


  • Bright & Clear -- Safe for Ozone - Does not cause build-up!
  • Enzyme
  • Foam Down
  • Spa Up
  • Spa Down
  • Defender
  • Fast Gloss
  • Spa & Hot Tub Test Strips
  • EsScents® in-spa fragrances - aroma therapy
  • Cover Wipes
  • Leisure Time Free® chlorine-free sanitizer
  • Boost
  • Control
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