Leisure Time Cleanse - 1 Qt.

Keep your hot tub sparkling with Leisure Time Cleanse! Water rings are unsightly and ugly and their presence can spoil the whole spa experience. After all who wants to go to a spa with the idea of relaxing only to get repulsed by looking at uninviting, repelling stains. Leisure Time Cleanse is a concentrated cleaner that helps remove water rings and stains instantly and makes your spa experience worthwhile.

Leisure Time Cleanse - 1 pint
Manufacturer#: 45525A
Item#: Y5058



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    Leisure Time Cleanse's unique formula has a thick consistency that clings to your Spa's surface and effectively removes stains and scum build-up above your Spa's waterline. Leisure Time Cleanse is specifically designed to work with all Leisure Time Sanitizing and Spa Care products. Using Leisure Time is very easy-simply apply Cleanse directly to the surface to be cleaned with sponge, cloth or soft-bristled brush, wipe down, rinse surface thoroughly with clean water.You have got yourself a sparkling clean spa sans the gross stains and water rings.

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