Leisure Time Enzyme - 1 Qt.

Keep your spa clean the natural way with Leisure Time Chemicals. Leisure Time Enzyme breaks down oils, lotions, and organic materials that accumulate in your spa water with regular use. These oils cause nasty scum lines and odors in your spa or hot tub. Lowers the amount of work you have to put in to cleaning your spa surfaces and servicing your filter. Works with all types of sanitizers.

Use weekly as part of Leisure Time's Simple Spa Care Program. Compatible will all types of spa chemicals and and will not interfere with spa filters.

Leisure Time Enzyme - 1 Qt.
Manufacturer#: A
Item#: Y5086



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    • 100% Natural Enzyme Blend
    • Cuts down on routine cleanings
    • Improves filter performance
    • Compatible with all hot tub and spa chemicals
    • Non Foaming
    • Easy to use
    Initial Treatment:
    Add 1-ounce per 250 gallons of spa water. Repeat daily until scum line is gone.
    Weekly Treatment:
    Add 1-ounce per 250 gallons of spa water weekly to avoid build up at water line.

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