Leisure Time Free Sanitizer

One of the biggest concerns all swimmers share is the effect harsh pool chemicals have on their skin, eyes and hair - no need to be concerned anymore since Leisure Time Free is biguande based, it is gentle on skin, eyes and hair.

Leisure Time Free Sanitizer is a biguanide based sanitizer that is 100% chlorine and bromine-free and has virtually no odor. Leisure Time Free Sanitizer has longer lasting results as compared to chlorine or bromine and is easier to use and safer to handle. Leisure Time Free does not interfere with spa pH or hot tub pH levels,which means less chemical use and more elapsed time between routine maintenance.

Leisure Time Free is compatible with other Leisure Time Simple Spa Care products and is available in 8-oz. plastic bottle.

    Leisure Time Free Sanitizer - 1 Pt
    $18.99 Qty.
    Leisure Time Test Strips for Free Sanitizing System - 50 Count
    Item#: Y5060
    $14.99 Qty.
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