Leisure Time Metal Gon, Spa Sequestering Agent 16 Oz.

Leisure Time Metal Gon is a sequestering agent designed for use in hot tubs or spas. This chemical compound reacts with metals in your spa or hot tub water to hold them in suspension and prevent them from staining your spa surfaces.This helps prevent Iron, Copper, Manganese, Silver, or Calcium from building up and causing tell-tale metal stains in your hot tub. It is MUCH easier to prevent these stains than to treat them.

Simply add Metal Gon to your spa each time you refill to save yourself from having to worry about metal staining.

Leisure Time Metal Gon, Spa Sequestering Agent 16 Oz.
Manufacturer#: D
Item#: Y5092



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    • Prevents staining on spa surfaces from Iron and other metal buildup
    • Apply once and you're good till next spa refill
    • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, and biguanide sanitizers

    To Use:

    1. Turn off equipment
    2. Pour Metal Gon evenly around water edge
    3. Run filter for 30 minutes

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