Leisure Time Spa Filter Clean 32 Oz.

A lot of dirt, grime, and oils find their way into your spa filter - making it dirty, stained, and greasy. A dirty filter is less efficient and can cause cloudiness in your spa or hot tub water. An overnight soak in Leisure Time's Filter Clean will clear it right up. Leisure Time Filter Clean removes oils, dirt,and scale from your filter even after months of neglect. Clean your filter and you will notice an improvement in water clarity and equipment efficiency.

Leisure Time Spa Filter Clean 32 Oz.
Manufacturer#: O
Item#: Y5118
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  • Works great on spa filter cartridges, spa filter sand or spa DE filters.
  • Removes oil, grease, dirt and soap.
  • An overnight soak will assure complete removal of all contaminants including those that may have been deeply set over months of use.
  • Use every every other month to ensure proper filtration and easy spa maintenance.
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