Leisure Time Spa Leak Seal 32 Oz.

Leisure Time Leak Seal repairs minor leaks in spa surfaces and plumbing without first having to drain. Convenient and easy to use, Leak Seal is a Sodium Silicate solution (also known as liquid glass) that moves through your system an forms a tough silica patch inside and over minor leaks and hairline cracks.

You MUST remove your filter cartridge DE filter grids or other filter media before adding Leak Seal to your spa. After running leak seal through your system you MUST drain and refill your spa.

Leisure Time Spa Leak Seal 32 Oz.
Manufacturer#: ZJ
Item#: Y5114
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  • Specially formulated for spas and hot tubs.
  • Convenient and easy-to-use formula repairs most spa & hot tub surfaces.
  • Helps maintain your spa's surface and plumbing for years of enjoyment.
  • Compatible with bromine, chlorine and ozone sanitizers.
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