Lid'L Guard

The above ground pool Lid'L Seal is a winterizing system for your pool skimmer. It helps protect your skimmer from damage due to expanding, freezing water. You no longer have to drain your pool water below the skimmer. This will save you thousands of gallons of water a year.

Just replace your existing skimmer faceplate with the SkimSaver faceplate and snap in the flexible lid.

The Lid'lGuard for Standard Aboveground pools is a top choice if yourskimmer needs protection from floating chlorinators, toys,thermometers and other items that get stuck in the skimmer andaffect its performance. The Lid'l Guards features a large diamondpattern that blocks the large objects but still filters leaves bugsand other floating debris. The Lid'l does not need snap hooks,tabs, magnets or screws; it simply snaps into place, completelysealing the edges.

NOTE: This product is designed to be used with SkimSaver faceplates only.

Lid'L Guard Standard (5 7/8" x 5 5/8")
Manuf#: AGLG100
Item#: A7982
Lid'L Guard Widemouth (11 5/8" x 5")
Manuf#: AGLG150
Item#: A7984

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