Luau Pool

The Luau Above-Ground Swimming Pool is another name for superior construction, stylish look, and unmatched durability.

The Luau Above-Ground Swimming Pool features corrosion-resistant all-steel construction, 52” steel wall, 5.5” heavy duty steel posts for maximum support to the uprights, 7” steel top ledge, and two-piece sculpted ledge cover. The Luau Above-Ground Swimming Pool’s steel rails, fasteners, and galvanized steel plates are what make this pool extra strong, its eye-catching pewter gray color and summit gray design enhance its good look. The Luau Above-Ground Swimming Pool comes with a wide mouth skimmer, return fitting, and coping strips; and includes 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    Luau 24' Pool
    $1,099.99 Qty.



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    • 52” steel wall
    • 5.5” heavy duty steel posts
    • 7” steel top ledge
    • 2-piece ledge cover
    • Steel stabilizers rails, bottom rails, and steel plates
    • Enhanced structural polymer components
    • Corrosion protection on all metal components
    • Stainless steel fasteners
    • Galvanized steel plates
    • Pewter gray color
    • Oval pools have Standard Buttress System

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