Marlow 8 Hole Gasket Medium #2111200 - G-51

No.23 Image Shown Above 2111200 - G-51 - ITT Marlow Gasket, 8 Hole Paper Used on Marlow Pump Parts Series of 4x3, NSF Certified, self-priming pumps with integral suction strainer. For commercial pool applications. Available with 5 and 7-1/2 HP motors, either single or three phase. Note: Many Of The Parts For The Mardur Pump Are Not Available. Many Other Marlow Parts Are Available, But Require 2-3 Weeks To Obtain.Back To Marlow Cast Iron 3B pump parts
Marlow 8 Hole Gasket Medium #2111200 - G-51
Manufacturer#: G-51
Item#: ZAPC5134
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