Metal Free

Deactivate and remove trace metals such as iron and copper from your pool water or from water added due to evaporation and backwashing. This special formula is ideal for pools that use well water which typically has a high iron and mineral content. It does not raise phosphate levels in pool water, another common pool problem and makes scale build-up a thing of the past... This is the metal remover for you!


  • Not affected by pH or temperature
  • Prevents stains and water discoloration.
  • Deactivates metals in pool water without adding phosphates
  • Contains one of the strongest and most effective chelating agents available for deactivating metals in pools
  • Improves water clarity and prevents stained pool surfaces and discoloration
  • Will not damage landscaping around the pool
    Natural Chemistry Metal Free - 1 Liter
    Manuf#: 7001
    $24.99 Qty.
    Natural Chemistry Metal Free - 2 x 1 Liter
    Manuf#: 7001
    $44.99 Qty.

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    Dosage / Usage Instructions: Add one 32oz(1L) bottle of Metalfree per 20,000 gallons (75,000L) of pool water to chelate .5ppm of metals. If your metal reading is higher than .5ppm, adjust dosage as necessary.

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