Miraclear Pool Clarifier

Miraclear is a pool water clarifier that greatly enhances your filters efficiency so that you can enjoy cleaner, clearer pool water with no hassle. Essentially, Miraclear helps to coagulate finer particles and even algae so that your sand filter can remove them more easily. While not recommended for D.E. or Cartridge filters, Miraclear swimming pool water clarifier can be used in most pools to enhance filtration and ultimately improve the quality of your swimming water.


  • Place the shell shaped gel cube in your pump basket and start clearing up even the cloudiest water conditions immediately!
  • The gel cube will dissolve within 24 hours while your pump is running.
  • Increases the power and efficiency of your sand filter by removing the microscopic solids and stain-causing metals that are not normally filterable.
  • No mess, hassle, or measuring!
  • Treats up to 30,000 gallons. Lasts up to 30 days.
  • Note: Mira Clear is NOT recommended for use in D.E. or Cartridge filters.
    Miraclear Pool Water Clarifier - 1 Shell
    Manuf#: Y2250
    $12.99 Qty.
    Miraclear Pool Water Clarifier - 3 Shells
    Manuf#: Y2255
    $34.99 Qty.
    Miraclear Pool Water Clarifier - 6 Shells
    Manuf#: Y2260
    $64.99 Qty.
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