MouseBusters Anti-rodent Solution

Get rid of the pesky rodents without having to spend a lot with the Mouse Busters – a revolutionary formula that comes in both powder and liquid forms to help get rid of mice and other rodents that could damage your pool equipment.

Your pool’s heater insulation, wires, and heat exchangers are all susceptible to damage caused by chewing, which can lead to improper ventilation and fire. Use Mouse Busters around your pool covers, pool equipment and even garages, basements, and stored vehicles to eliminate rodents.


  • Made from natural components
  • Environmentally friendly formula
  • Safe around plants and pets
  • Deters annoying rodents
  • Prevents damage from chewing
  • Available in powder and liquid forms
MouseBusters Anti-rodent Solution - Liquid
Manuf#: MBHS
Item#: A1690
MouseBusters Anti-rodent Solution - Powder
Manuf#: MBCS
Item#: A1692
No Longer Available

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