Mytee Mitt and Brush

The Mytee Mitt and Brush are mildly abrasive cleaning accessories that you can use by ithemselves or with cleaners to clean all kinds of surfaces. The Mytee Mitt and Brush feature non-scratch bristles that work equally well on tiles, fiberglass, cement, and vinyl and helps remove algae, rust, and dirt easily from any pool or spa surface.

The Mytee Mitt can also be used on skimmers, acrylic spas, coping andscum lines; it helps eliminate gunk and has a soft interior lining that protects your hands from chemicals.The Mytee Brush works on boats and walls as well and holds ample cleaner and water for one complete cleaning session.

Mytee Mitt
Item#: A1800
Mytee Brush
Manuf#: MB12B
Item#: A1802

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