Natural Chemistry Algae Treatment System

Natural Chemistry Algae Treatment System

This kit combines the strength of two powerful Natural Chemistry products to present you with a total Phosphate control and metal removal system. By using this combination you can say good bye to stains and enjoy clearer water without the need for harsh chemicals. Natural Chemistry products are made from all natural ingredients and their environmentally friendly nature makes them safe for use around your family and pets.

This system includes:

  • 3 Liter Phos Free
  • 1 Liter Metal Free
  • Phos Free Test Strips (20 count)

Natural Chemistry Algae Treatment System
Item#: Y5899



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    Natural Chemistry PhosFree:
    Natural Chemistry PhosFree reduces Phosphate levels to near zero to give you a clean and well maintained pool. Phosphates get into pool water from rain, falling leaves, and lawn fertilizer overspray in groundwater. Use Natural Chemistry Phos Free to eliminate the most stubborn phosphate problems for a perfectly clear pool and prevent waterline rings.

    Natural Chemistry MetalFree:
    Natural Chemistry MetalFree helps prevent staining and discoloration caused by metals. Conventional metal removers contain phosphonic acid which has a large amount of phosphates and may take days to work. MetalFree contains citric acid which quickly and safely deactivates and removes trace metals, such as iron, copper and calcium, without adding phosphates to the water, making it the perfect complement to Phos Free.

    PhosFree Test Strips:
    Phosphates are constantly being added to your pool from various sources including rainwater, body fluids and waste and decaying vegetation.These phosphates cloud your pool water. Use the PhosFree Test strips included in this convenient Natural Chemistry Water Treatment System to test pool water weekly and keep it clear and stain free.

    Need help cleaning up your pool? Check out this Phospate Removal Worksheet!

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