Natural Chemistry Filter Perfect - Pool Filter Cleaner 1 Liter

Filter Perfect is a highly concentrated deep cleaning solution that removes deep set oils, grease, and other build-up on pool and spa filters. It is very effective on cartridge elements, D.E filter grids and sand filters. Filter Perfect improves filter efficiency and lengthens time between filter cleaning. Filter Perfect is compatible with Chlorine, Bromine and other alternative sanitizing systems. Filter Perfect works on both Pool and Spa filters!

To clean cartridge filter elements or DE filter grids; simply remove the cartridge or grid from filter, hose off loose material, and soak overnight in a 5 to 10 gallon plastic pail or trash can along with 1 bottle of Filter Perfect.

For sand filters have the pump running and set filter in backwash mode. Suction should come primarily from skimmer, not main drain. Add 1 bottle of Filter Perfect directly to skimmer. Once contents of bottle has entered filter turn the pump off and put valve in either close or filter position for a minimum of 6 hours. Turn your pump on with filter setting to backwash, run until water flows clear. Do not allow pump to run dry. Return filter to normal operation.

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Filter Perfect Features:
  • Natural enzyme based formula deep cleans pool and spa filter cartridges, DE grids and sand beds without the use of harsh chemicals or acids.
  • Removes deep set oils, grease and grime for sparkling water and more efficient filtering.
  • Saves time and money by extending the life of your filter.
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