Natural Chemistry Phos Floc 4 lb. pail

Natural Chemistry Phos Floc 4 lb. pail

High levels of phosphates in your pool promote high turbidity - or in other words, undesirable cloudy water.

Phos Floc is suggested for pools with extremely high phosphate levels. Initial dosing with PHOSfloc will drop phosphate ppb to more manageable levels. Use to treat the following symptoms: Pool water with high levels of phosphates.

Recommended Dosage: 4lbs of PHOSfloc will reduce 4,000 ppb of phosphates to approximately 600 ppb in a 10,000 gallon pool.

Regular follow-up treatment with PHOSfree or Pool Magic + PHOSfree will reduce phosphate levels to near-zero.

Note: PHOSfloc must be vacuumed to waste or removed from the pool with a separate vacuum pump. PH must be adjusted to 7.2 before applying. Follow directions for product.

Natural Chemistry Phos Floc 4 lb. pail
Manufacturer#: 7200
Item#: Y5830
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