Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid - Clarifier

The Pool Problem Solver!

Pool First Aid is a powerful natural enzyme formula that assists in breaking down dead organic contaminants and suntan lotions and oils in your swimming pool water. In fact, Pool First Aid deals with a wide range of common (and uncommon!) swimming pool & pool water problems, safely & effectively.

Important: Allow chlorine levels to return to normal before adding Pool First Aid. Ifwater temperature is below 70 degrees, Pool First Aid will work more slowly, soallow more time for results.

    Pool First Aid Water Clarifier - 2 Liters
    Manuf#: 3122
    $21.99 Qty.
    Pool First Aid Water Clarifier - 4 Liters (Two 2 Liter Bottles)
    Manuf#: 3122
    $39.99 Qty.
    Pool First Aid Water Clarifier - 12 Liters (Six 2 Liter Bottles)
    Manuf#: 3122
    $114.99 Qty.



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    • Compatible with all sanitizers
    • Removes water lines, clears cloudy water and chemical odors from your swimming pool
    • Free clogged pool filters of dead organics, oils, lotions, and similar build-up
    • Eliminates residues from paint, oil, diesel, antifreeze, hydraulic fluid and other solvent leaks that can contaminate pool water
    • Built-in polymer clarifier eliminates cloudy water, maintains sparkling brilliance
    • Perfect for pools with a heavy swimmer load
    • No other product removes contaminants more quickly and efficiently!

    Directions for Use:

    1. Add 2oz per 1000 gallons (60ml per 3785L)
    2. Broadcast Pool First Aid around the surface of the pool
    3. Can be used every two days until the pool is crystal clear
    4. Apply directly to water line to quickly remove any existing water line build-up

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