Natural Chemistry Purge - 2 L

Cleans Where You Can't!

Is your water cloudy? The problem is likely caused by high organic content in your water from contaminants like oils, lotions, sunscreen, hair products, and sweat. These substances are the root cause of many pool problems such as; hard to maintain chemical levels, clogged filters, foaming, and nasty waterline rings. After a while of regular use (or faster during heavy use) these contaminants build up in your pool’s plumbing system and filter creating a nasty mess in your pipes, filter and pump.

Natural Chemistry Purge cleans where you can’t! Purge uses Smartzyme technology that breaks down these hidden organic contaminants into their basic ingrdients, carbon and water.

Natural Chemistry Purge - 2 L
Manufacturer#: 3125
Item#: Y5800



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    • Restores pool and large spa plumbing to original condition
    • Great for removing heavy contaminant build up
    • Perfect for use before acid wash or resurfacing
    • Helps reduce clogged filters, foaming, odors, waterline rings

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    Directions for use:

    1. With circulation pump running add entire contents of 2L Purge bottle to skimmer.
    2. Circulate for 24 hours.
    3. Backwash or clean filter
    4. Shock the pool to boost sanitizer levels. Proceed with regular pool water maintenance. Use once per year, or as often as needed.

     Material Safety Data Sheet

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