Natural Chemistry Scale Free

Made using a phosphate and acid free formula, ScaleFree is highly concentrated and prevents calcium and mineral staining in your pool.

Ideal for pool openings, ScaleFree prevents scaling that may be caused by calcium and mineral hardness. ScaleFree helps protect pool equipment, pool liners and finishes by deactivating iron, calcium and other minerals in the water.It works exceptionally well at preventing scale from forming on salt generator cells. ScaleFree is made from all natural, non-toxic ingredients and its environmentally friendly nature makes it compatible with all sanitizers and pool surfaces.  2 liter bottle.

Dosage / Usage Instructions: Use 1L per 10,000 gallons initially and 5 ounces per 10,000 gallons for maintenance.

Natural Chemistry Scale Free
Manufacturer#: 07511
Item#: Y5948
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