Natural Chemistry Spa Bromine Tabs - 1.5 lbs.

Bromine is a powerful and effective sanitizer like chlorine, but it is much less irritating to your skin and eyes, produces no chlorine odor and makes your spa water silky smooth.

Natural Chemistry Spa Bromine Tabs provide active bromine residual to control bacteria, sanitize spa water, and keep your spa running safely and smootly. These easy-to-use tabs come in a 1.5 lb plastic bottle to keep them safe from moisture.

Natural Chemistry Spa Bromine Tabs - 1.5 lbs.
Manufacturer#: 04109
Item#: Y5888
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  • Provides an active bromine residual to sanitize spa water
  • Controls bacteria and algae is spa water

Material Safety Data Sheet

Spa Bromine start is one of the sanitizing products used in the Spa EASE program. Bromine Start Up is made using an eco-friendly formula which makes it compatible with other spa products.


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