Natural Chemistry Spa Chlorine Concentrate - 2 lbs. Granular

Spa owners know that keeping the spa or hot tub sanitized and contamination free is a never-ending battle; now you have an ally in your battle against bacteria and pollutants.

Control bacteria and algae in your spa with Natural Chemistry's Spa Chlorine Concentrate that utilizes an eco-friendly formula to disinfect your spa water. Granular Spa Chlorine Concentrate provides active chlorine residual to sterilize your spa water and helps maintain a safe and clean spa. It is part of the sanitizing products used in the Spa EASE program.

Natural Chemistry Spa Chlorine Concentrate - 2 lbs. Granular
Manufacturer#: 04111
Item#: Y5890
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  • 2-lb plastic bottle with an easy-to-dose and measure cap for your convenience.
  • Specifically designed for spas and hot tubs
  • Concentrated formula
  • Controls bacteria and algae is spa water
  • pH neutral

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