Natural Chemistry Spa Defoamer - 16 oz. Bottle

Foaming in the spa water is unsightly and interferes with a pleasant and enjoyable spa experience. Natural Chemistry's Spa Defoamer is especially formulated to remove foam and suds from your spa water. Spa Defoamer quickly eliminates foam and prevents stains by making other chemicals in your spa perform more effectively.

Spa Defoamer is made from all-natural ingredients and its environmentally friendly nature makes it compatible with spa surfaces and other chemicals. Spa Defoamer is super easy to use - just add approximately ½ ounce of spa defoamer directy to your spa water and instantly you have a clear, foam-free spa.

Natural Chemistry Spa Defoamer - 16 oz. Bottle
Manufacturer#: 4012
Item#: Y5896



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    • Eliminates foam from spa water
    • Compatible with all sanitizers and spa surfaces
    • Specifically formulated for hot water
    • Instantly controls and prevents foaming in spas

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