Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect

Your spa/hot tub water is constantly absorbing oils and other contaminants from the environment and from users. After extended use your spa or hot tub takes all this waste and makes a disgusting, smelly soup that causes water lines, clogged filters, cloudy, and foamy water. Once added to spa water, Spa Perfect works quickly to eliminate break down contaminants such as:

  • body oils, sweat, (urine...blech!)
  • cosmetics & hair care products
  • suntan & sunscreen lotions
  • soaps & deodorant
  • scented spa oil products
    Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect - 2 Liters
    Manuf#: 4034
    $29.99 Qty.
    Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect - 4 Liters (Two 2 Liter Bottles)
    Manuf#: 4034
    $59.99 Qty.
    Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect - 12 Liters (Six 2 Liter Bottles)
    Manuf#: 4034
    $164.99 Qty.
    Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect - 5 Gallons
    Manuf#: 40100
    $174.99 Qty.



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    These non-living organic contaminants build-up in your spa/hot tub water. This is where Spa Perfect enzymes shine. Natural enzymes, like those found in your own body, are designed by nature to break down or biodegrade these non-living organics. The enzymes in Spa Perfect literally break down the waste to basic elements like carbon dioxide and water, that are then easily absorbed by the spa/hot tub environment. The result?

    • eliminates strong chemical odors
    • eliminates skin & eye irritation
    • no water line
    • dramatically less filter cleaning
    • reduced spa maintenance
    • makes water feel soft & silky

    Directions for Use:

      • Use 1oz (30ml) per 100 gallons (380L) of spa water per week
      • Use twice per week during periods of heavy use
      • Do not use with or immediately after shocking

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