Natural Chemistry Spa pH Increaser

Natural Chemistry Spa pH Increaser boosts your spa or hot tubs pH level into the optimal 7.2 to 7.6 range, preventing corrosive damage to plumbing, equipment, and surfaces. Low pH can also cause skin and eye irritation for bathers and reduce the effectiveness of your sanitizer, leading to unsafe conditions in your spa. Spa pH Increaser uses all-natural sodium carbonate to steadily raise your spas pH level into the desired range, avoiding harsh chemicals that can cause more problems than they solve. Your spas pH is the critical factor in maintaining a proper water balance, which determines the health and comfort of your spa or hot tub.

Natural Chemistry Spa pH Increaser
Manufacturer#: 4102
Item#: Y5882
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Size Volume (Gallons) 20 ppm 40 ppm 80 ppm 100 ppm
200 1 oz 2 oz 4 oz 5 oz
400 2 oz 4 oz 8 oz 10 oz
800 4 oz 8 oz 16 oz 20 oz

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