Natural Chemistry Spa PHOSfree - 1 Liter

Natural Chemistry Spa PhosFree eliminates phosphate levels to give you a clean and well maintained spa or hot tub. Phosphates are present in most water sources from fertilizer run off and end up in your spa when you fill it. Eliminating phosphates also eliminates unsightly waterlines.

Spa PHOSfree is made from a revolutionary formula specific to hot tubs and spas. It coats your filter media to reduce phosphates to near zero levels. Spa PHOSfree is an all-natural liquid formulated from earth compounds so its environmentally friendly nature makes it safe for people and compatible with all spa surfaces.

Natural Chemistry Spa PHOSfree - 1 Liter
Manufacturer#: 4501
Item#: Y5876
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Directions for Use:

Drain and Re-fill or New Start-Up -
Add 16oz (4 large capfuls) per 400 gallons (1500L) directly to spa water with filter operating. Temporary turbidity may be experienced with new spa start-up.

Weekly Maintenance Dosage -
Add 1oz per 100 gallon (380L) weekly.

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