Nature 2 Spa Cartridge, 1 ea.

Keep your spa clean and bacteria free!

Use the Nature2 Spa Sanitizer to keep your spa water clear and while using 50% less chlorine. You can now enjoy your spa or hottub without the harsh chlorine smell! The Nature2 Mineral Sanitizer uses a patented mineral-bed technology to destroy the bacteria in your spa.

If used with Potassium Monopersulfate (MPS), the most recommended spa oxidant, Nature2 Spa becomes a complete spa sanitizing system - the only non-chlorine spa sanitizing option availabe.

It is so easy to use! Just drop the Nature2 cartridge into your filter and thats it! Enjoy clear water without having to use as much chlorine. Nature2technology reduces the discomfort of eye and skin irritation, bleached out swimsuits and discourages scum lines in your spa without the unpleasant odors associated with harsh chemicals.

Cannot be used with Bromine, sodium Bromide or biguinides - should only be used with Lithium Shock.

Nature 2 Spa Cartridge, 1 ea.
Manufacturer#: W20750
Item#: A2510
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  • Simply drops right into your filter
  • Works with your existing filtration system
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Leaves water softer and clearer
  • Available for spas up to 500 gals
  • Works with all spa flow rates
  • Cartridge lasts 4 months

Note: Works with most spa filters. Minimum required filter length is approx. 7"; When installed the Nature 2 cartridge must sit at least 1 inch above the bottom of the filter so as not to impede water flow; minimum filter hole diameter is 1-1/4".

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