Nature2 Model CF Cartridge Filter Cartridge (shown)

Replacement cartridge for Nature2 Model CF. Drop this inside of your cartridge filter for 6 month of water purification. Replace every 6 months. No purifier needed. If you have a cartridge pool filter with a hole at least 4" wide in the center of the cartridge, you can use the Nature2 CF cartridge for cartridge pool filters.

Now, Nature2 is available for your pool. That means you can experience a revolutionary new approach to purifying your inground or aboveground pool that gives you the purest, clearest water imaginable. The patented Nature2 Purifier uses the same minerals found in nature to trap bacteria, algae and viruses. Just drop Nature2 CF into your cartridge filter, activate the Purifier and let it work for four months. Enjoy a safer, more refreshing pool immediately. It's a real noticeable difference.Nature2 is not intended for use in aquariums or outdoor fishponds where algae is a necessary component of marine animal health.

Nature2 Model CF Cartridge Filter Cartridge (shown)
Manufacturer#: W29500
Item#: ZZOD0266
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