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Ice Rink Perimeter Net 8 X 24 Ft.

This hockey rink perimeter netting is just the thing for saving the windows of your home or car paint job from errant ice hockey pucks! It's great both during the winter with your ice rink, and during the summer across the front of the house or garage. Our 8 ft. x 24 ft. perimeter netting features heavy-duty 3 mm strands, spaced at 7/8 inches to make sure hockey pucks can't get through. With the tight spacing, this netting is also great for golf balls or as a backstop for baseball practice.

To set up, simply attach the net and one 20 ft. guide line to the top of two 2x4x12 ft. boards (not included). Place one end of the boards into two, 2 ft. deep post holes, backfill the hole, pull the guide tight and tie it off.

4 x 6 Collapsible Pro Hockey Goal

Measuring the NHL - official 4 feet tall by 6 feet wide, this steel hockey goal is a great choice for serious or casual players. This hockey net is truly portable, made of light-weight tubular steel and a "quick cable" system the Pro Hockey Net disassembles to fit into spaces only 6 inches high.

The goal is made of quality materials, including the sturdy rope-mesh net and strong metal frame. The Pro Hockey Net is light yet sturdy enough to take an adult slap shot. Perfect for ice or street hockey. Ships mostly assembled, measures 4ft x 6ft x 12 inches w/ 24 inch bottom depth.

    Hockey Rink Perimeter Net 8 X 24 Ft.
    Manuf#: P4168
    No Longer Available
    Pro Portable Hockey Net - 4 Ft. X 6 Ft.
    Manuf#: P4170
    No Longer Available

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