On-Ground Mesh Safety Cover for 12' X 24' Pools

Safety Covers for On-Ground Pools with Decks

Above ground swimming pools with surrounding decks often pose more of a risk to children and animals than standard above ground pools. This is because with a permanent deck access to the pool is unlimited by the pool wall height. Owners of these types of pools are often interested in purchasing an on-ground pool safety cover.

On-Ground Mesh Safety Cover for 12' X 24' Pools
Manufacturer#: M1105
Item#: M1105
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Safety covers differ from standard winter covers in that they are stretched tightly across the pool and securely anchored to the deck. Standard covers are often weighed down with water bags or held in place with a steel cable, this creates dangerous conditions where an adult, child, or pet could fall into the cover, sink, and have the cover wrap around them. Standard covers can also collect water which is drowning hazard by itself. Mesh safety covers, on the other hand, easily support the weight of an adult or child, even a car in some instances! And, since they are made of a mesh material, they do not collect water so the danger of drowning is eliminated.

In addition to providing an effective barrier against wandering children and pets, our on ground safety cover provides all the benefits of a standard mesh winter cover. The heavy-duty, fine mesh of our on-ground safety cover allows water to pass through while keeping leaves and other debris out of the water. This also eliminates to tedious task of cleaning off the cover in the spring or babysitting your cover pump through the off-season.


  • Water doesn't collect on the pool safety cover making spring clean-up a breeze!
  • Anchoring system features rubber-coated adjustable steel brackets to accommodate any apron style.
  • Anchoring system ensures that the cover will always stay secure, no matter how hard the wind blows.
  • Cover includes anchoring brackets, stainless steel springs, vinyl spring covers, installation tool and poly storage bag.
  • Cover is Forest Green.
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