Pentair Hose Section, Female X Female 3-White - K21241

Pentair Hose Section, Female X Female 3-White - K21241
No. 13 Image Shown AboveK21241 3 in. White Female / Female Hose Section Used on Pentair Cleaner Series Replacement PartsKreepy Krauly and Letro is manufactured by Pentair Pool products, Pentair Waterpool and spa is a common name in pool cleaner parts. The schematic diagram ofcleaner parts, Pentair pool cleaner parts, Pentair Products, Pentair cleaner parts and spares (sparecleaner parts) are listed. Always low prices and fast shipping. DiscountLegend, Legend II, Legend Platinum, Sweep I and II, Jet-Vac, Great White, KreepyKadet, Kreepy Krauly, Kreepy Kruiser, PoolShark, E-Z Vac, Lil Shark, Prowler710,720,730 and Pentair/Polaris Cross Reference Replacement swimming poolcleaner parts and other swimming pool cleaner parts are always in stock and available.Back To Kreepy Krauly Hose Parts Diagram Before 1994Back To Kreepy Krauly 1994-1999 Hose Parts DiagramBack To Pentair E-Z Vac Cleaner Parts
Pentair Hose Section, Female X Female 3-White - K21241
Manufacturer#: K21241
Item#: ZPEN6723

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