Pentair MasterTemp Commercial ASME Pool Heaters

Designed for commercial pools and spas, the MasterTemp ASME Certified Heater features enclosed blower motor, electronic ignition, digital controller, LED status indicator lights, and bronze headers that allow for easy access to the thermal regulator and bypass valve. MasterTemp ASME heaters also include  2.5” -3” unions and a tough exterior that houses extra thick cupro nickel fin tubes for high flow, and is resistant to pH swings and salt corrosion. The MasterTemp ASME Certified Heater has top quality inner components that are made of high-resistance, glass-reinforced polymers for durability and resistance to chemicals. The MasterTemp ASME heater meets all ASME standards for safety, and includes a pressure relief valve. The MasterTemp ASME Certified Heater is available in 200K, 250K, and 400K BTU models. 


  • For commercial use
  • Ideal for pools and spas
  • Bronze headers
  • Cupro nickel fin tubes
  • Enclosed blower motor
  • High durability military-grade coating control board
  • Upgrades to thermal regulator include a governing stainless steel sleeve for better wear protection and chemical resistance
  • Ignition Control Module includes a 3-trial for ignition before a hard lockout is initiated
  • Improved gas valve design includes more diaphragm spring force for better gas control and robust operation
  • Rated 84% efficient
  • Low NOx
  • Quiet operation
  • 2” x 2 1/2” CPVC plumbing
  • Cabinet measures 21”Lx21’Wx28”H
  • ASME-Certified
  • Includes 1 year manufacturer’s warranty


    MasterTemp 200K BTU ASME Natural Gas Pool Heater
    Manuf#: 461000
    $2,399.99 Qty.
    MasterTemp 250K BTU ASME Natural Gas Pool Heater
    Manuf#: 460771
    $2,649.99 Qty.
    MasterTemp 400K BTU ASME Natural Gas Pool Heater
    Manuf#: 460775
    $3,049.99 Qty.
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